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Diploma in School Science Laboratory Management Programme

The brief account of the programme

Name of the programme : Diploma in School Science Laboratory Management Programme
Type of programme : Part time
Duration : Three years
Launching date : December 2015
Residential School : One month face to face teaching at Samtse College of
Education in every winter
Tuition fee : Borne by the Royal Government of Bhutan
TA/DA : Must be bear by the candidate for attending the
winter residential Travel and logistic) school and for
attending end semester examinations.
Annual intake : 27 Candidates from MoE and 3 candidates from
Requirement for each laboratory : 10 candidates for biology lab., 10
candidate for chemistry lab. and 10 candidates
for physics laboratory
Qualification :Class 12 passed with minimum five years of work
experienced in the science laboratory

Aims of the programme

1. provide in-depth scientific knowledge, skills and values to science laboratory assistants for effective organisation and management of science laboratory
2. train science laboratory assistants to provide technical support to the teacher in guiding the students to carry out the experiments.
3. Adopt and ensure safety measures in the laboratory.
4. Develop aesthetic values towards the scientific environment in and around the science laboratory.
5. Apply appropriate strategies and procedures to guide the students to carry out the experiments successfully.
6. Exhibit knowledge and skills of school laboratory management including record keeping, laboratory usage, stock and issue of materials and record of laboratory maintenance.

Programme structure
The diploma for laboratory management consists of 240 credits. Twenty modules will be offered over a period of three years. There are 13 core modules which are compulsory and 7 specialized modules in each science discipline. The candidates have option to choose any one of the discipline from second year onwards. Some of the modules are assessed through complete course while other are assessed through course work and examination.

Please note : modules maximum number of module per semester is 3-4.

Modes of assessment
Assessment is the integral part of learning. The programme in the college will be mainly assessed through two modes: one through complete course work(continuous assessment) while others are assessed through Continuous assessment and end-of-semester examinations.

Continuous assessment

Continuous assessment will focus on the students’ process of working, rather than product of their work. Following are some of the continuous assessment components to be used in the college during the residential schools.
a. Class Participation during the residential school
b. Class Presentation during the residential school
c. Reflective Papers
d. Written assignments
e. Practical sessions
f. Project Work
g. Portfolios

End-of-semester examinations:
Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester for all the modules taught during the semester that have examinations as part of assessment. Rules and regulations will be followed as per the Wheel of Academic Law.

For inquiry please contact
Rangshing Tamang
Programme Leader
Mobile No. 17715947 or email at


Shortlisted Candidate
Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the following post.Read more for details.

Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the intake of the second cohort of private school teachers for admission into the Post Graduate Diploma in Education programme for the year 2018-2019. A total of 30 candidates will be selected for the programme in the second week of November 2017 and the outcome will be conveyed to the individual candidates in the last week of the same month. Read more

Announcement for PgCHE and PgDHE Admission
Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the availability of 30 slots each in the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PgCHE) and Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PgDHE) programme for University teaching faculty. For details follow the respective link below:
1. Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PgCHE)
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PgDHE)

M.Ed Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics Seminar I (7th & 8th September 2017)
As per the requirement of the module on "Advanced studies" the M. Ed program committee is organizing the first seminar ( see the details here). Students and staffs are invited to attend the seminar based on your subject/topic relevance and interest. The program committee and the college would also like to extend invitation to teachers and students from near by schools.

Semester Result
Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the spring semester result 2017. To view your result click here