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The nested programmes Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education in Learning and Teaching (PgCHE) leading to Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education in Learning and Teaching (PgDHE). It provides a practical and theoretical grounding in learning and teaching in Higher Education and emphasizes the links between conceptual frameworks and academic practices. Since participants are required to carry out more research-based academic practices, they need to develop a scholarly, reflective enquiry base to inform their teaching and its development. The eight modules are selected to fulfill the needs of the university academic practices, which are offered in various universities the world over.

The curriculum structure consists of four 15- credit modules leading to a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) and an additional four 15- credit modules to complete PGDHE as shown in the table below.

It is offered through Part-time (a combination of distance learning and residential school). It is offered on a modular, credit accumulation basis and is expected of participants to accrue the necessary credits to complete the programme.

Aims of PgCHE

The programme aims to enrich their understanding of student learning, enhance their own teaching, and develop ideas for educational enhancement in the field of academic practices. Through readings, discussions, team work with peers, presentations and a series of assignments that focus on connecting theory with practice, students will:
reflect upon key underlying educational philosophies, principles, pedagogy and experiences to enhance their academic practice which in turn will help them to facilitate high quality learning for their students;
[list]design and implementation of inclusive assessment and feedback practices of their academic practices;
hold professional ethics and integrity in academic practices and mentoring skills;
build the conceptual foundations of our practice as adult educators, as well as enhance our personal experience as students, by examining and critiquing theory in relation to experience and social contexts.

Aims of PgDHE

The programme aims to assist experienced lecturers working in the colleges to explore an aspect of their own professional context where they wish to take fresh perspectives on their teaching and their students' learning at the various levels (modules, programmes and beyond). The assessment of each module is well grounded and grows out of the work of the lecturer as a reflective practitioner and designer in their colleges. Through readings, discussions, mindfulness practices, team work with peers, presentations and a series of projects that focus on connecting theory with practice, students will:
generate new approaches to teaching, learning and assessment to maximise student learning by carrying out action research;
use and design the e-learning materials for their students;
apply contemplative approaches in academic practices;
design, implement and evaluate curriculum that addresses principles of learner centered, socially equitable education for both classroom and online environments.
Entrance requirements for Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

Qualification: Minimum of Bachelor degree or equivalent.
Work experience: one year of teaching at tertiary level. The equivalent refers to lecturers who have work experience of minimum eight years in teaching at tertiary level but do not possess qualification of Bachelor degree. APEL will be applied to gain an entry to the programme.

Entrance requirements for Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education

Qualification: Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education.
Work experience: Teaching at tertiary level.

Program Leader

Mrs. Ugyen Pem
MSc in Physics

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Prospectus 2014-2015
Notice Inviting Tender
Job Vacancy
Vacancy Announcement

Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the following vacancy:

Interested candidates should submit the application along with the following documents to Administrative Officer, Samtse College of Education on 30th June, 2016.
1.Academic transcript/Training certificate
2.A copy of citizenship ID Card
3.Valid Security Clearance Certificate
4.Valid Medical Certificate
5.No objection Certificate from the Working Agency ( if employed)

For further information please log on to or contact at (05)365274 or 365273