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The PGDGC programme will prepare competent and committed personnel, both from within and outside schools, who are capable of providing guidance and counselling services that are responsive to the changing needs of the country. It will focus on guidance and counselling strategies that are preventive, developmental, as well as remedial in nature. The programme will equip the counselling personnel with skills necessary to address emerging issues in the community and assist a young population to achieve optimal personal growth, ability to self-reflect, acquire positive social skills and values, realize full academic potentials, and make important life decisions. Contemplatine practice and mindfulness awareness forms an integral part of the programme to develop both insight and wisdom into the psychological processes of self. The duration of the course is two years through mixed mode of distance learning and residential schools and one year for full time course.

Admission Criteria

Candidates for the programme will be short listed by the parent organization in consultation with the programme committee of the college on the following criteria:
Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
Minimum working experience of 3 years in related field.
Interested and having the aptitude and professional maturity to take up this programme (Portfolio containing certificates of professional training in counselling, achievements related to implementation of guidance and counselling at work place, etc.
Programme Structure for PgDGC (Mixed Mode)

Program Structure

Program Leader

Date / Time
Count Down Days
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Prospectus 2014-2015
Notice Inviting Tender
Job Vacancy
Vacancy Announcement

Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the following vacancy:

Interested candidates should submit the application along with the following documents to Administrative Officer, Samtse College of Education on 30th June, 2016.
1.Academic transcript/Training certificate
2.A copy of citizenship ID Card
3.Valid Security Clearance Certificate
4.Valid Medical Certificate
5.No objection Certificate from the Working Agency ( if employed)

For further information please log on to or contact at (05)365274 or 365273