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Job Vacancy
Vacancy Announcement

Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the following vacancy:

Interested candidates should submit the application along with the following documents to Administrative Officer, Samtse College of Education on 30th June, 2016.
1.Academic transcript/Training certificate
2.A copy of citizenship ID Card
3.Valid Security Clearance Certificate
4.Valid Medical Certificate
5.No objection Certificate from the Working Agency ( if employed)

For further information please log on to or contact at (05)365274 or 365273

Result of the Second round selection interview (PgDE self-finance)

Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the selection result for the second round selection interview for the PgDE self-finance.Click here for details.

RE-ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE Postgraduate Diploma in Contemplative Counselling Psychology (PgDCCP) PROGRAMME FOR SELF FINANCE STUDENTS
Update: Samtse College of Education is pleased to re-announce the intake of the self finance students (8 slots) for admission into the Post Graduate Diploma in Contemplative Counselling Psychology(PgDCCP) for the year 2017. Click here for details

Change in Reporting Date
This is to inform all students that the reporting date has been postponed to 28th February 2017 and the classes will begin from 1st March 2017.
Therefore all students are asked to note the change in the reporting date.

Semester Result
Samtse College of Education is pleased to announce the Autumn Semester Result 2016. Click here to View Result Online